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The Crisp Sandwich Cafe - an immersive dance experience.jpg

The Crisp Sandwich Cafe will have tables and chairs around a main performance space, where the young people will meet Kev and Jen who will share stories about themselves, the cafe and its visitors, all linked in some way to our relationship to the planet.

The performance will be 30 minutes long with 10 minutes beforehand to get used to the space and a chance to give feedback afterwards if people can stay. It will be autism-friendly throughout, with information a week before – including a story of getting there and a visual story of what will happen in the performance – and being met by an Autism Keyworker on arrival.

The performances are for either for single group of young people accompanied by their group leader/s or up to 8 autistic young people accompanied by carers/family/friends.

The project is supported by funding from Arts Council England and is being created in partnership with a number of organisations, including the National Autistic Society.


COVID-19: Safety:

In addition to following government guidelines which are in place at the time of the performance, we will be:

-Maintaining distance between different household 'bubbles' in the audience (each bubble will be sat at their own table).

-Maintaining distance between audience and performers

-Quick testing the performers once a day.

-Asking those who can to wear face masks

-Providing hand sanitiser for audiences

-Cleaning the space between performances

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