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Are we victims of a remote control generation?
05/12/18 uses live cinema techniques to question the images we are constantly fed, it looks at exploitation and power within the media structures which run our society.

Company: Nathan Chipps (dancer), Joshua Freedman (music), Olivia Grassot (dancer), Liam Hill (camera)
Seyr Festival (internation festival of screendance in Tehran, Iran) 
Flock Festival (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)
Lift Off Global Network Sessions (Pinewood Studios)

It is sometimes the case, in choreography, the music is subservient to the dance, treated purely as accompaniment for the movement. Refreshingly, this was not the case during the development and performance of  05/12/18. Composing alongside the dancers enabled the exchange of physicality and performative qualities, greatly enriching the interplay between the dance and the music. As well as this, the use of live performance enables the cellist to take on different roles, adding depth to the piece. At various times, the cellist functions as a performer, audience member, and character, alternating between taking part in, viewing, and being separate from the drama unfolding.

Joshua Freedman, Composer

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