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Åsa Gjerstad 

Costume Designer

Erin Sant

Graphic Designer

Jesse Scheinin


The Pappy Show

Physical Theatre Company

Ella Ström


Marija Burceva


Bar Groisman


An exhibition at The Art Space (Kingston) from 1st - 14th August 2023.

Ghost Dances is a collection of dances that have been, never were and are yet to come. Inside the exhibition you will find costume sketches, movement scores, speeches, paintings, films, music and much more.


This is the first exhibition curated by Matthew Rawcliffe and showcased are a series of renowned international artists - some of whom are presented for the first time in the UK. Highlights of the exhibition include a series of sketches from Åsa Gjerstad (who has previously worked with companies including Danish Dance Theatre and Skånes Dansteater) and a musical soundtrack from Jesse Scheinin (who recently finished composing and producing music for Paul Taylor Dance Company).

This is a chance to get up close to the inner workings of movement and choreography. Whether you are a dance nerd or have never been to the theatre before - I hope this exhibition can show you something you have never seen, maybe even show you something you have seen a thousand times but from a completely different angle.

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