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"In the age of physical theatre, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choreograph original and exciting movement, but Kissing Rebellion is fresh, fierce, and a feast for the eyes."

★★★★★ Within Her Walls


Kissing Rebellion was performed as part of the Oval House Theatre's Demolition Season. 

Co-created by Carolyn Defrin and Abigail Boucher, supported using public funding from Arts Council England.


15-30 November - Oval House Theatre

"Movement Director, Matthew Rawcliffe, skilfully manages to make moments stand still while in motion and to flow from one scene to another... This is a very special piece of theatre."

★ The Spy In The Stalls

Carolyn Defrin, Abigail Boucher Co-Creators

Matthew Rawcliffe Movement Director
Joe Hornsby Lighting Designer 
Connor Bowmott Set Designer
Mikhail Fiksel Sound Designer
Ashleigh Bowmott Producing Manager 

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