"Mesmerising, Humorous, Original, Outstanding"


"Extraordinary presence and storytelling using every part of face and body coupled with stunning technique. - Made my night"

Arlene Phillips CBE

"A sophistication and a maturity about how to play on stage, that's really quite rare."

Fleur Darkin

Kissing Rebellion 15.JPG
MDI19_Fringe Day 1_Photo by Jazamin Sinc

"Stunning Choreography"

Upper Circle

"Pure theatre in every sense of the word"

★★★★ North West End


"In the age of physical theatre, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choreograph original and exciting movement, but Kissing Rebellion is fresh, fierce, and a feast for the eyes. "

★★★★★ Within Her Words

"When the choreography is so visceral, when the creator achieves such passion for their craft as Matthew has, nothing else is needed.

This epic display of raw emotion is so authentic, we are enchanted by our own experiences, and the piece brings forth the tapestry of our personal loves and losses... This is a very special piece of theatre."

★ The Spy In The Stalls



Choreographic Showreel

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Kissing Rebellion